The last of the parking ticket saga

It looks like Fridays rocket did the trick and woke someone up to fire back an informative email this morning…Quick re-cap for u who missed the last couple of entries..

I picked up a parking ticket t’other week in a car park in Castleford, even though Dad had placed his disabled ticket clear for all to see on the dashboard, I appealed and won then got what I thought was a snotty letter and was still no wiser as to why Id got the fine in the first place, so email back to complain at that! Sounding like Mr Mildrew now and hopefully pissing someone off at the council big style

This morning all was explained in an email along with a photo attachment from the offending attendant of the position of the disabled sticker. Basically the disabled ticket was displayed the wrong way round and the attendant couldn’t see if the disabled card was So he or she gave me a £45 ticket inviting me to pay up like a good citizen…or shout at the grey suits! I wonder how many folk just pay up? The email said that if issued with a £45 fine (for failing to have a parking ticket displayed) Its their policy to rescind the notice. However if I get a ticket on a second and subsequent occasions then I will have to pay the fine. WHY couldn’t they have said that in the first place and save all this bollix??

I wished them happy Christmas by return email signing off with…..

Regards Mr D SHARP…or is it PRAHS. D rM


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