Its nearly November!

So today is Monday 29th October and November is nearly upon us. The temerature around these parts has dropped a bit and the winds have switched directions, they are now blowing from in from Newcastle..No actually they are coming a bit further on than that…say, Russia to be more precise!

I have today completed the upgrade of our lane and filled in the deep potholes along Gatewood Lane to the main road, Thanks go to Gorden and David next door at the farm for letting me utilize the various piles of bricks rubble and hardcore, well done too to my new £50 wheelbarrow! I feel I ought to deduct my sweat and time from the forth coming council tax bill but Im sure the bstards will ignore it even though its THEIR responsibility, Oooh they just want to make you swear don’t they?

Its been a busy social month for me with birthdays and the Bridlington Scooter weekend. First was my mate Tom he held a party at his fantastic house over there on a hillside in Keigthley, its fantastic because it was built by Italian POW’s from WWII. Tom and Michelle bought next doors house and knocked it through and Tom built a brilliant den out of the place, the pride of place of course is his bar, the whole place is lit up like a disco Its so brilliant! You step through the front door and its yells “Lets have a party and fk the depression” The worries of the world are forgotten for a while at least when your at Tom and Michelle’s.

Mine host TOM stood proudly in his Man U shirt and Northern Souls dance trousers. Note his excellent home built bar behind!!





Mark an Jeanette and myself in front of the houser bar

This weekend was the annual Bridlington Scooter weekend. I went last year for the first time and thought it was great. Im not into scooters at all but think the music is good and the whole atmosphere in the pubs around Brid is LOUD… friendly and just sooo brilliant! The scooters in the show on Saturday are works of art and something to see with your own eyes! This year was no exception. Friday afternoon and night blured onto one and was a real buzzzzz! Thank god for bricks and morter (hotels) it was a tad cold with snow sleet rain and bitter winds to pummel even the hardiest biker. I recall leaning inot the howling gale strutting back up the hight street at sometime around the midnight hour, our faces were sandblasted with the horizontal hailstones! Thank the lord we were all a bit on the pished side…

Twelve hours earlier  I rode over to Bridlington on the MISTRESS MABLE II and was somewhat protected from the vicious elements as we all rode from deepest Yorkshire towards Bridlington. Scooters rode up from the York region, leaving the smug but busy A64 picking their way east to the coast, its about here that Yorkshire turned upwards a bit and the mercury turns downwards. Scooters traversed Garraby Hill hear Pocklington and hit hailstones! The folk who couldnt get away from work early rode over in the the early evening and hit both snow and hailstones!

 Personally I rode low and fast at 11.00hrs from the Doncaster region staying around sea level on the A614 towards Thorne Howden and Driffled before I too started to climb and entered the world of hailstones and cold bstard Baltic winds. I had started my day in mild blue sunshine and white clouds. Oh how it changed though! To be honest, to us bikers all this bad weather means is that everyone goes to the pub earlier..which suited us right donw to the last tenner! 



I was a guest of Tom and the Keigthley scooter guys in their flat for the night, thank you all for your friendship again! There will be more photos and script of the weekend lateron in the blog.

I came home early on Saturday to get ready for the  gathering at Barnsley and my Aunty Margarets birthday bash. Julie had a good day doing horsey stuff enjoying herself without me under her feet. Now we were driving to the old WMC near Ardsley and a cracking night with family. I havent seen Mums side very much over the years so its great to see them all now and again, some faces I remembered from the last party. My Aunty Jean and Gwen and Margaret I knew already. Dozens of cousins decended and the party began, we sat with Uncle’s Aunty’s and my Julie and my other Julie! It could have been a daunting evening to anyone outside the family…just ask Julie!  We are rather a loud lot and full of life, to counter this we are also a very friendy lot and any fears are soon forgotten.

Aunty Margaret, myself and my other Julie pose for a photograph to treasure.





Remember to place your cursor over any of the small pictures then doulbe click this will make them LARGER!

It was a great night with family, saying hello again to familiar faces and getting to know new cousins. Julie drove us home as I tried to remember who was related to who! The last photos below is My other Julie and Diane. As you can see brunette’s rule, we don’t seem to do blonde in our family.


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2 Responses to Its nearly November!

  1. mark lovell says:

    nice one dave, nice to see you at brid too


  2. David Sharp says:

    It was good to see you too mate


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