October cometh.

Hello everyone

Its the end of “summer” here in England, its now Autumn already. Our U.S cousins call it “Fall” is this because the leaves fall off? I dont know, perhaps someone can enlighten me?


Autumn (Photo credit: blmiers2)


Speaking of America…. I just want to say well done to the European golfers in The Ryder Cup..well done for sticking to the damn Yankees! I’m not a golf fan in the slightest, but to see how the Americans behaved last year and this year I’m glad to mention how they LOST AGAIN! I’m led to believe there are ways to behave on the golf course for players and spectators so to see these American people behaving like spoilt noisy gobshyte brats rather got my fookin back up!! So well done Europe and Fook off USA.….Below is the shot that said Europe No.1 U.S.A no 2

In total contrast a really nice U.S citizen passed away on September 25th. Mr Andy Williams

Get Together with Andy Williams

Get Together with Andy Williams (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He was one of the nicest male singers EVER. He had a lovely voice and made many records. I fondly remember watching his show back in the 1970’s, my mum was a fan of his and so eventually I became a fan. Did you know he had both The Osmonds and the Jackson 5

What else has happened in my world other than the value of my money keeps dropping my savings are saving less and I must cut back even more?.. Well from Oct 1st I became retired officially and had a good double send off. the first from some long time friends at a local pub, the second from the Zoo keepers of Kinky Wing along with some extra special non Kinky people.

Today is the 11th October and I’m still waiting for my retirement “thank you” package from the management..no surprise there then eh? I didn’t see everyone Id like to have but Im sure I will over the next few months on the road…on the pavement..in the supermarket aisle..in the local pub..or in the town. I’m going to miss everyone I worked with and what we did through the fun filled exotic days, the colour of things will change any day soon at the zoo as new practices and less money is made available to the detriment of client and keeper alike, and so because of that I’m glad I’ve reached the end of my service

I came out from the N.C.B … the black hole (Sharlston Colliery)

English: Sharlston Colliery Wheel. This wheel ...

English: Sharlston Colliery Wheel. This wheel is on the roadside near the junction of High Street and Cow Lane, the only monument to the now long gone colliery which for over 100 years dominated the village. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

as a filthy fit coal miner and donned a suit to start on December 28th 1985 at Wakefield Zoo as a N.E.P.O, I remember it like yesterday, then spent the following three months at college in both uniform and dowdy brown overalls. They would show us the skeleton of the job, the muscles would be added once we got to our respective Zoo’s…that was the theory anyway!  I started at my Zoo in West London as a newly divorced man on April Fools day 1986 and was embraced by extraordinary people ….I’d like to tell you about those days but I think I should leave Ronnie and Reggie for another time.

Now I’m done I have the time I go over to Dad’s in the THUG and go for his weekly shop to Castleford and Normanton, he is on his 92nd year and is quite a sprightly old man. What made me laugh today was the “beer run” He said we should pick up some more beer as we were out in the car, Aldi do a good price for 15 bottles of Stella, He is always looking for value for money! I put it with the the other case in the garage, the ready box was still half full by his fridge. I laughed because we are still so similar, I go frequently to the supermarket for a case of San Miguel (fresca) I don’t feel so bad now because I’m just taking after him, its all in the genes! I wonder if my brother Mick is doing the same over there in Australia? Dad and I used to work down the coal mine at Sharlston Colliery together, He was The Overman (boss) and I was the Chockfitter, (chockdokter) I joined him in the 1970’s. He had been down the pit all his life and has a lot more stories to tell, he is in fact the longest serving person in the UK in the “UK Mines Rescue Brigade” Is it any wonder I look upto and aspire to be just like him? I’ll do a photographic history of him and share it with you at some point. Here is a good photograph meanwhile….


Thats my dad sat on the front row on the left…they went down the gassed or fire filled black hole to help fellow miners. They won THE RILEY SHIELD often.

My Julie has been under the weather with a really bad flu type virus, she was laid low for a few days as was fellow horse person Kath, the osses had minimul fussing from Mike and me, he did a bit of picking up shit and I went looking for a bag of carrots. Ive never seen Julie so ill…she laid prone on her recliner all weekend and had a wooly dressing gown on for days, she seemed cold for ages, we lit the log burner and boiled every night in an effort to drive it away. She got out of her bed long enough to encourage me to visit Scooterboy Tom overnight and celebrate his birthday over in Keigthley. If she hadn’t got up I wouldn’t have gone. I returned on Sunday to look after Julie with Tomato soup and hot meals in the evening, especially her favorite meal…liver and onions! It’s now Thursday and she is feeling a lot better though still not 100%.

Julie has since got to grips with “Herman the German” this is a friendship cake as explained in a previous post, it’s done now and it sitting on the side, part will go inthe freezer, part will go in our bellies tonight, I love it its so scrumptious and tastey. Here is a picture of our Herman the German cake


 OK until the next time then folk!






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9 Responses to October cometh.

  1. Mick Emmett says:

    Nice write up mate but just what do you mean by this statement? “Did you know he had both The Osmonds and the Jackson 5”


  2. David Sharp says:

    Hiya Mick, I think If I remember..he had The Osmonds on his show one week then a few weeks later he had The Jackson 5 on his show…in retrospect how cool is that??


  3. Fatha Jones says:

    Hi Dave, have to agree with you about Andy Williams who had such a casual style, but someone I think was every bit as good and with a nice balmy voice was Matt Munro, and he was British.


    • David Sharp says:

      Do you know what mate I agree totally and was going to mention him but then I thought nobody wouyld know him! He seemed to be in the shadows of some of the others, perhaps it wasnt his time?


  4. Ian , yes that one says:

    Hi Dave, sorry I couldnt make your doo’s but will make a special effort to either call round or arrange to have a pint soonest. Congratulations on your freedom..


  5. Dave Morris says:

    Sorry i missed you when you were saying your goodbyes mate, Hope you enjoy your retirement and have a long one. every shift was a pleasure to work with you and i always knew my back was covered. take care mate, Stumpy


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