I went for a ride today on my bike before going up town on the “lash” with the guys and girls from work..yes its The Leaving Party part II. Last night Julie and I went to the GREEN TREE in Hatfield for the first (quiet) first round and met with Ian S, Esther, Paul an Angie, Steve, Vicki and the lovely all singing all dancing Ellie. It was nice to see friends I hadn’t seen for a while and was most enjoyable.This afternoon though is going to be a bit of a marathon and I’m sure the tempo will be different. I’m in The GOOSE from 3 onwards…see you there maybe? There will be exchanges of pleasant compliments and witisisms….the mockery…the cut and thrust of verbal abuse, Oh I think it will just get messy after that!

Well anyway there I was out with my Pentax on a 9 mile bike ride around Hatfield and Thorn peddling against the cold wind hoping to take a few photos of anything and everything. I got home to the scene of an accident, it had happened just minutes earlier.

The road is Woodhouse lane and is a mile in length and straight as an arrow….until you get to the motorway bridge then it curves up and to the left slightly before dropping away, the left hand curve tightens up even more. This is the point when the car went straight over onto the opposite lane hit the curb went onto the grass, managed by the skin of his /her teeth to miss ploughing into the fence and brick wall.

This is the opposite view. I’m stood at the entrance to Gatewood Lane looking up the bridge now, the car is still  ANOTHER 50 yards behind me! Its fortunate nothing was on this side of the road isn’t it?

Finally here is the culprit, a red Mercedes with its front caved in, it was here that it “took out” a concrete street light shattering it into several bits. You can see the police officer is moving bits of car, concrete and broken light fitment onto the verge.

The air bag had activated the front has been smashed in by the concrete light post….and the driver is nowhere to be seen because he/she/they have left the scene!

I was talking to my friend who lives in the end house just before the police arrived. He said he heard the noise and came out, he saw a car and an articulated lorry had stopped initially, by the wrecked car but they have now gone, I’ve no idea why they left. I couldn’t see any skid marks on the road so I don’t it swerved to avoid something, it looks like they were just going too fast. This isnt the first time an accident has happend here and it probably won’t be the last because this bend is notorious especially in the winter. Anyway just where the hell has the driver gone? It all seems a bit fishy to me, what say you?

There doesn’t appear to be any witnesses, two police women spoke to my friend, he only heard it, he didn’t actually see anything. They then borrowed a shovel and brush (don’t they have ANY equipment in the cars at all these days?) and were last seen sweeping the road bless em!  



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