Sunday after Golden Saturday

Andy Murray at the 2011 Australian Open

Andy Murray at the 2011 Australian Open (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well what a night that many gold medalsit was just brilliant, the “Golden Girl” did what the media demanded..well done Jess! So much power from such a little lass.

A skinny shiny smiling black man by the name of Mo Farah capped of the night in style for Team GB, though Im not sure what part of him is English. Mo burnt the opposition away in the “Hundred mile dash” hat said and done we finally we have a winner in a GB shirt after such a very long time. A million thanks to the American Galen Rupp who came second. He is Mo’straining partner in the U.S and I think he protected him from the dirty Ethiopian duo who tried their best to trip him up in the early stages.

English: Mo Farah at the 2010 European Athleti...

English: Mo Farah at the 2010 European Athletics Championships in Barcelona (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 A great leap from Mr Rutherford got him a gold medal in the long jump, the first for GB since nineteen naught blob. Well done that man. Three HUGE cheers for the ginga chap!

The mens football team did their usual trick and lost on penalties AGAIN…No upset there then, Perhaps the F.A should fine the overpaid wankers £10.000 every time they missed? Fookin useless!!

On the water down there at Weymouth in the sea we won another gold in the sailing dingy class Well done that man he is now elevated to super stardom, and his verbal challenge to the Danish boater who had beaten him all week The last race was bordering on cheating… I loved his gritted statement / warning to him…”Don’t make me won’t like it!” What better riposte than to snatch the gold medal from Scandi man.

Well done too to the glum jock Andy Murray for finally beating his bogeyman Federer of Switzerland to grad a gols medal and getting another medal in the mixed doubles..what does it take for him to laugh?

English: Breighton Airfield and Aeroplane Muse...

English: Breighton Airfield and Aeroplane Museum, Breigton, East Riding of Yorkshire, Englad, a former RAF base. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well today we went for a spin on MISTRESS MABLE II in brilliant sunshine, we rode over to Breighton airfield to have a look at the fly-in, but we didn’t really fit in, the hundred or so visitors there already looked very “anoracki” and were plonked in front of Zafira‘s with tripods holding camo cameras worth thousands of pounds, we didn’t think the admission price wasnt good either, according to the nervous nerd on the gate you had to join the club for £25 after that it was free he thought, we drove up looked around turned around and left. I love aircraft, Breighton housed a dozen civilian aircraft, fab and extrememly historic that they were I just didn’t like the arrangement.I would sooner ride the extra 100 miles down to Duxford, spend a night away and enjoy exactly what I like, Duxford after all is the biggest in Europe in what it does!

Helmsley Castle

Helmsley Castle (Photo credit: tricky (rick harrison))

We rode off towards Selby and settled for a visit to Great Houghton near Middlesbrough about sixty miles away and a cuppa at Julius parents. We dodged the storm showers nicely and strutted our stuff in the Howardian Hills! The rat run from Helmsley to Stokesley on the fantastic B1257 was blighted by caravans and circus vehicles (there was a steam rally at nearby Pickering) we had the slowest run ever on this road. After the visit we returned along the same road and after making sure we were in front of some sunday drivers at the beginning of the run we had fun. Thats an understatement! If I could ride this road once a month I would never wish for anything else. Even on the wing we rode the white line ranging from 60 to **mph.  It’s such a wonderful road!

We only ran into one huge shower near York which soaked us and turned our B road into a river. Once at York we hit the sunshine and the A64 to the Selby turn off onto the A19 then hit the afterburners to zoom across the countryside all the way to Thorne. We could see angry dark purple clouds approaching from our right but managed to reach home in the dry.

An hour later the TV went on the blink as the rain came. Did somebody say that digital was the way forward? Something that they forgot to add …its brill only in the dry! When it rains hard we always lose the signal.  SKY TV it seems is actually a load of bollix and perhaps only perfect in Australia and America where it never arse!


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4 Responses to Sunday after Golden Saturday

  1. Mick Emmett says:

    Well Dave, if you’d have let me know you were coming I’d have got you in for nowt, can’t beat that. Doesn’t sound like you made much of an effort to fit in? did you visit the museum? it’s free, did you try the bacon,sausage and egg butties washed down by a lovely cup of tea? I could have got you 2 foot from the runway where you could have got some cracking shots, let’s be honest Dave; just what were you expecting? It’s a tiny privately owned airfield; it’s never going to be able to compete with the big boys. We do get BBMF flypasts and even had the Vulcan come in for a couple of very low passes. Unfortunately a few exhibitors stayed away because of the poor weather forecast which as usual turned out to be completely wrong. We had belting sunshine all day and not a drop of rain, in fact my forehead is stinging because of the sunburn, what happened to the hair that used to cover that bit. The “Nervous Nerd” at the gate is like that for medical reasons but thanks for mocking him, the £25.00 per year membership fee is the only way the Real Aeroplane Company can legally let people into their shows, they’re not allowed to charge an entry fee. The membership fee gets you into 6 or 7 shows a year and you can bring up to 3 guests in to each show with you; so I think that represents pretty good value for money. I told you of the show, I thought you might have got in touch but you chose to go it alone, you’re choice mate?


    • David Sharp says:

      Stop getting so defensive about Breighton Mick for gawds sake!! Its the tempo of my posts…don’t you get it yet? I saw your post late last night,about 23,00hrs hence I didnt mail you back. Im mad keen about warplanes etc and have been all my life so we already know of Breighton and have watched part of a display a couple of years ago from the road side we have looked at the website too from time to time. We know its a small almost family affair, we got there about 10.30. “Matey boy” on the gate was no help at all with our questions, he just sat back down talking to himself, is it any wonder we thought what we did? We would have paid to come in for the day but not sure about £25 up front!..a donation of a £10 maybe? We did have a look round then we left, simple as that mate! As for giving “matey boy” a responsible post on the gate with no support and out of sight of any other volunteers knowing he had “medical problems” as you say, is hardly a responsible thing to do to be honest…”I chose to go alone….my choice?” LOL how daft and romantic of you! Maybe next time darling.
      Dave x
      There are Nerds at Duxford too, I know cos I stand with them in the photographers enclosure!


  2. Mick Emmett says:

    Well if Breighton wasn’t to your liking Dave how about trying Sherburn Aerodrome this Sunday (19th Aug), they’re having a “Help for Hero’s” day supposedly with many visiting aircraft and a BBMF flypast. Check it out


    • David Sharp says:

      HI Mick,
      Already ahead of you there mate! We are going there with some friends who are coming down from Cumbria for the weekend, weather permiting we will be there on a Virago 535..a Yamaha Tenere and our Red Wing 1800…or cars if its piddling it down! Ping me your mob number if you use one?


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