Sunny days ahead… Spain!

Hi all,

What a thoroughly soggy day today is. What a good day to get the bike sorted for the impending tour to Espania! I’ve been practicing the lingo all week in the mirror, been asking myself…”Dos Cervasa pour 4 for”… I can usually do a bit more come the end of the holiday, but then it all gets forgotten! I love touring Spain on the bike, especially the interior because it’s so diverse and not quiet as packed as the tourist bits around the coast. I think this will be my fifth or sixth visit. So if you call round don’t mind the cat she won’t bite however I can’t be so sure about those two free to roam big b*s*t*r*d farm dogs of next door who consider my land to be theirs also!

I’d like to extend my thank’s again to my old mate Barry Walton up there in Keighley at Colin Appleyards motorcycle centre for getting my new wheels up and running and for sorting out the little glitch with the old connectors and for me now NOT sounding like Norman Collier! A big hand too for Malc and the tech boys downstairs in the dungeon. Speedy and efficient work by all, I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for you guys so thank very much!

Speaking of tours on bikes, Julie and I met some old adventurers during the week at Ferrybridge services, they were coming together there before their last leg in the UK on their way to Hull and the ferry across to the continent. These are founder members of our very own APPY WANDERERS.

               Janet, T.W.I.T formally of the Falklands.

These guys became a splinter group of the above eventually morphing into the T.W.I.T.S, they roam from as far north as Dumfries in Scotland…Sheffield just over the way… and from darn sarf near old Oxford.

                                     Lynne another T.W.I.T from Sheffield

The group are on two 1800cc trikes followed by a 1500 (breadvan) and a couple of 1800’s, all are types of Honda Goldwing. following that lot come the Cumbrians Mr an Mrs Jones in their tin box, although it’s still a Honda! Ian has had his knees lubed and had new washers inserted by the Dr just last week so their Wing has gone and its the car for now, though he has his eyes on a different kind of motorbike that is more suited to his knees and his need for a different riding position. Rest assured he will be on it before the end of summer. They are right now somewhere in Poland then going south into old Eastern Germany and will be having a good “neb” at Colditz Castle.

There will be some raised German eyebrows when this lot land and they all take off their helmets. “Donner Und Blitzen! Ze old English Tommies are zo old, Are ze from ze old vor in 1940. Mein Gott vil zey never stop invading? John and Brian will be examining the old Teutonic workmanship on the guttering, Lynne and Tony will be causing mayhem in the bar. Steve and Jane will be disappearing up some unknown track on the trike whilst Janet waits for Brians return so they can go upstairs to “change her shoes” I wish I was with them!

Have you ever put diesel in your car by mistake? Neither have I…yet! I saw this on the AOL news yesterday, one of those special fuel tanker drivers emptied his load  in the wrong storage tanks. dozens of drivers in the Salford area filled up at a posh Sainsburys. They say its not the first time it’s happened!! BLACK for diesel GREEN for petrol is it? It sounds like a training issue, but then what do I know? Perhaps that tanker driver who had a go at dad recently could explain it better for me? Have a read and see what you think of it?


The peanut holders in the garden are getting some serious battering lately, firstly from our two resident squirrels and now THREE woodpeckers, looks like mum and two youngsters, I can’t get them all on one photo as yet coz they are fussing all over and won’t stay still. Also we have had a lovely Jay look in all week, funny that, because I have never seen a Jay before in my life and now I see one just a few feet away on most days!


Do you remember this character from last month? We thought it was Tom from next door who had suddenly got a bit more friendly towards humans and a bit over friendly with our Pooka!

Well we got a but suspicious eventually when he just wouldn’t leave. He took to sleeping under the car and plonking himself near the door and persisted in being Pooka’s new boyfriend! She thought it all a tad tiresome bless her! Especailly after getting ragged a bit which cost us a tidy little vets bill, We are quite sure it was her new fella and that left me feeling a bit miffed at him at first.  After a few days we rang “Toms” mum to find out what was going on. Guess what? It wasn’t him but a different Tom who was starving of both good food and dirty love! After another week enough was enough and I extradited him to anew and far away stomping ground. “Tom” is a friendly and  likable guy unless your name is POOKA! If it wasn’t for her he could have stayed. I’m sure he has found himself a new owner by now.

The next time I see you I will be a bit browner have less of a limp and look happier I hope thats to your liking Gordge old boy!!…The cheque for old MISTRESS MABLE should be waiting with all the other rubbish when we returnI concluded the business with the Insurers this very afternoon.



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2 Responses to Sunny days ahead… Spain!

  1. Wanderer says:

    Certainly to my liking. Now f**k off and enjoy yourselfs while I carry on drudging & toiling at work.


  2. Chris says:

    Have a brilliant time – safe journey – photos please x


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