Yesterday Carol, Julie’s horse trainer came to visit, saw the bike, took one look and fell in love! I offered her a leg over…I MEAN I asked if she wanted  to climb aboard, she jumped at it. Carol got on the phone to “hubbi” and asked him to listen carefully as she revved MISTRESS MABLE! When the weather warms up we will get out for a ride OK Carol?

“Hello darling…..you know I said I was just popping out for a bottle of milk”??

My right elbow is giving me grief, in fact its been like this a few days now and doesn’t seem to be getting any better in spite of painkillers, so I thought I’d better visit the doctor. POOKA wasn’t making any progress either she came in from her nightly sojourn with a very tender body, it was one kiss too much I think! No bloody fur, no obvious marks no broken bones just a bit roughed up, all she wanted was some peace and quiet and her warm bed….mine! She is due back this afternoon after having a huge Cyst drained from her side, the vet thinks is either from a bite or from being clawed. If it was a dog, she wouldn’t be here…if it was from a fox…she wouldnt be here…if it was from being hoofed by the osses she wouldn’t be here either…So the culprit was probably another cat. Meanwhile I returned from my vet earlier to be told I am suffering from “Tennis Elbow” and need to rest it. I didn’t realise it was so painful thing to have. I can’t hold anything heavy nor can I lift the kettle before getting a stabbing shooting pain at the elbow. As a result I’m now “unfit for work” for a week or so.

I found a butterfly on its back as walked to the front door, I think it had just broke free of its cocoon on the door frame, two more are still there. It was all floppy and looked to be struggling, I picked it up placing it on the bench, and hour later its wings are steady and erect in the vertical now, I guess it will be ready for take off soon.


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6 Responses to Ouch!

  1. Jill Burke says:

    You have my sympathy. I had tennis elbow a couple of years ago and the pain was terrible. Ended up having to have 2 cortisone injections as i couldnt lift my arm and was in constant pain. Have since moved doctors and new doctor is an osteopath and through physio has helped with the pain no end. Hope you and pussy cat feel better soon. xxx


    • David Sharp says:

      Hi sexpot!
      Yes I was threatened with injections within minutes of meeting with the Dr! I think I would go down the osterpath road if I have the choice..but its early days yet. xxx


  2. Wanderer says:

    And I’ll bet you never played tennis.


  3. Geoff says:

    Dave I suffered with it for nearly 3 years, well Chris suffered with it I just had the pain, I put it down to pulling wheelies on the blackbird. Anyway I had acupuncture in the end and that cured it. that was after lots of injections and physio that were a waste of time.
    So you have my sympathy mate, good luck with it. Talk soon.


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