Hose pipe ban and the killings.. true or Utter Bollix?

Is there really a water shortage of water and how bad is the  trouble in Syria? The answers are obvious but those above us seem to think along a different level.

I think the only reason England is not getting involved in helping the Syrian people is because the mighty Russia supports the Syrian government and wants a foot-hold, don’t take my word for it just look at the world map and see for yourself !  No siree our government doesn’t seem to have the balls, will or commitment. That country was a lonely and easy milch cow to get involved in. They accepted help from any quarter,  the dwarf Sarkozey’s FRANCE and the smug Cameron of ENGLAND.  These two are probably Europe’s oldest enemies for gods sake!

Have they said how much we are going to reap from its destruction?? No. They always fiddle the numbers when it comes to military casualties and costs in war..

The water companies say albeit quietly that they are loosing zillions of gallons through old pipes. The government is speaking shyte AGAIN..Does it think we come from the likes of China or Bahrain?  unfortunately for them we are for the most part, free thinking, free spirited people , helped and informed by the  intellect intelligence amongst us and of course the W.W.W and not just the Conservative owned BBC!  They will go one step too far that is comfortable for us all one of these days. Watch the world gasp if that ever happens LOL The government of the day will need all the help they can get from Murdoch and co.

The Hollywood film folk promote films that supposedly fight good against evil, about man against the machine etc, perhaps it should be about the educated masses rising up against the grey suited greediest of the “greadies” When is the last time you heard one of them answer a QUESTION with an ANSWER..regarding our NHS or anything for that matter?….Personally I’m still frowning at tanker drivers, demanding this and that…funny how exactly what they want is seemingly shrouded in mystery..in spite of earning a reputed £45.000. Perhaps we should put them all on the buses instead and employ twice the amount of tanker drivers at a paltry £20000 and in just one company with one set of terms and conditions, doesnt that sounds better?

It’s mis-information they continue to pump at us the moment about Syria and the lack of water. I mostly think like you guys out there and can hardly be bothered to speak up because its just bollix!…Except for today. I say to those “eejits” in power this…. Mother Nature has been chucking it down for several weeks around these parts..South Yorkshire so what are you talking about. Do you remember a couple of years ago that buffoon caught out by Chrita Ackroyd from Look North when questioned about Toll Barr in Doncaster getting flooded, the man had never heard of the place and just kept quoting rubbish about folk applying for help through the usual channels! The soft southern white skinned pastie hating “poofs” down there in Westminster don’t do themselves any favours do they?

Tis only so much one can take in a week!! Im sorry for going on a bit this time. So may I present to you a few photographs from my rain-sodden garden this early evening.

and more…more!!

Hey did I ever tell you. I was drinking in an old regular haunt just off Oxford St back in 1998 with some nurse friends and were joined one day by an editor of a top Syrian newspaper and his Turkish diplomat friend one evening. He told me that daffodils originated from Turkey, we laughed, they bought the next round! We had a brilliant night and talked mostly about music. Micky Gallagher the songwriter and keyboard player from Ian Drury and the Blockheads was with me again, It was one of those surreal nights where people from very different worlds got on, got on well too, we even got an invite back to the embassy. No I didn’t go back is my answer. OK so thats that for now, Im going out on the bike if it stops raining.


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