Sunny March..but nay petrol!

Nar then guys hows things?

What a brilliant week or so its been regarding the British weather, especially in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. They have been smashing the weather records daily so far…regards to “Black Bart” and Suzi up there in Fyvie you lucky so and so’s!

Black Bart and I in colder times!

Here in South Yorkshire it not been to bad either

, the sun has joined me on all my days off recently so I’m a contented bunny so far. 

MISTRESS MABLE ..the bike.. is in for a fork seal replacement so yesterdays trip out was in The THUG with me at the helm and Julie map reading. We try not to touch major roads when out exploring, it’s the best way to get to know our great country, it really is great you know, that’s why it’s called GREAT BRITAIN. There is nowhere quite like it. Folk are quick to rubbish our land, but to honest you people just need to get on your bike or in you car and go explore the back roads, you will be surprised!

OK so what going on with the petrol bo**oxs this week then??

The chaps delivering the fuel are allegedly on £40,000. Fook me I wish I was on so much! They say they are striking over a safety issue and not pay. Well I have not heard of a petrol tanker blowing up or a garage exploding in a huge fireball. If these guys are on such a huge pay packet for doing not a great deal other than driving a big tanker and connecting and disconnecting fuel hoses, am I missing something? Or is it that they really can hold the country to ransom and are just being greedy twats? I don’t know, you tell me.

So this morning ( Yes I had a rest day)  I drove The THUG down to our local ssupermarket to fill up for the weekend as always.  At the traffic lights some idiot stopped his BIG car to drop his fat blonde wife and haughty blonde daughter off, he prevented the traffic moving, then he did a U-turn on the junction! He bullied his way into the flow, I gently pulled forward and blocked him right in the middle, he was remonstrating to me from the safety of his big tin box, pointing at the now changed traffic lights. I replied in kind and kept him there till the lights changed again. Don’t get out of the car Sharpy, you’ll only get yersen into trouble I muttered, I was content to wag a finger at him instead! Oh how I wanted strangle the fat ba**ard!! I joined the rest and got fuel, returning to the hotspot at the lights to see the “poor copers” generally foul up the flow of traffic! Now I know I’m still a junior at this driving game and it’s still less than a year since I passed my car test. I think they should introduce something like this in the test because a lot of car drivers just don’t have a fekkin clue unless they are going in a straight line at 60 MPH. If this was a snapshot of what’s happening across the land at petrol stations then god help us!

Somebody in government need to be held accountable too because he or she was quoted a day or so ago saying we should perhaps store petrol at home in view of the impending strike action. How fekkin stupid was that advice? Some of us have at some time or another 1) A senior moment..2) a Blonde moment..3) I just wasn’t thinking moment. then there is the growing section of retards who just don’t have a clue about anything except pulling ring pulls on lager cans.. claiming dole and lighting fags. A woman in York today for instance set herself alight as she transferred petrol from one to another container…. in her kitchen! The Fire Brigade must be furious at this crass advice that was given…or did government do it purposely knowing someone would get disfigured or killed therefore putting the blame for it all on the tanker drivers union? I’m a bit cynical and tend to think like this, I wonder what you guys think? All doom and gloom today except for the bonzer weather!


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