Its been a couple of weeks since I “posted” I’ve been busy at the zoo with a few loooong shifts together with some early starts…..I HATE early starts, always have done in this job. Yet twenty odd years ago when I worked “darn ‘t pit” I used to get up at 5am, have a slice of toast before legging it up town (Wakefield) and pays 30p to get the bus to work. “LUXORY!”As Monty Python used to say in that funny sketch, can you remember it? They sat around drinking G and T’s and in olde yorkshire accents they proceeded to top each other about their childhood privations, brilliant!!……..Here is a link to it, it’s from way back in the 1970’s.

So I’m in the middle of a ten-day break from work right now and have just completed the first project of the year, I’ve built a wooden log store down the length of the outside garage wall. I have two hand axes and a heavy long-handled fekker for splitting the tree trunks. Each afternoon  this week I can be found hacking away at my growing pile of logs, so by tea time I’m ready for a beer and I declare on FACEBOOK that the bar is open!

My pal Dave Page started this a while ago, he decided to post…THE BAR IS OPEN! when he felt in the mood for a drink or three. He states what he is drinking and sometimes post’s a photograph of said drink. I was up for a bit of that!..Virtual drinking no jostling with bloody drunks at the bar AND listening to my own choice of music AND not having to bugger about getting a taxi at the end of the night! Good eh? I think its quite fun. You should try it!  By the way my bar has been open since 4 and I’m partaking in some Tiger beer!

Yesterday was Mothers Day I hope you all did your duty and thanked your mother for your life? Like Christmas..Easter..Fathers Day..etc.. these days its been taken over somewhat by the £, the flip side I guess is that there are so many different options available now! Mothers deserve a gift every sunday morning, but we take them for granted quite often don’t we? I’m guilty of this and I can’t make amends to my mum because she has gone, in fact she left us whilst Julie and I where on honeymoon in Edinburgh. I did better for her in my mature years, but on reflection I wish I had done more. I can show a lovely photograph of her to you all. For me the old photos make me smile, I have some of her personal effects in my secret drawer and still feel connected, the smells are faint but still there.

My mum… Joan Sharp enjoying Kew Gardens, near Richmonds (and many fab pubs) in London in 1998.

You guys think I’m a bit cutting, you should have met my mum, in fact I owe my cutting sarcasm and wit to her, she used to come out with some stunning stuff and often stopped me dead in my tracks, I remember especially one Saturday morning when she proceeded to tell a new girlfriend how hot I was in bed! ( she meant I was naturally hot in bed..Julie will agree with this 100%) I was on the stairs at the time “earwigging” It took great courage to enter the room knowing what she had just said! I smile every time I think of this, God bless you mum! xxx

Julie has been taking it easy this week, she has had a badly bruised ass. SEE photo!


 This photo is DAYS old it’s now the size of Europe and all colours now!

Three ladies went out on their osses last week, oss went lame, the remaining two got spooked by a low flying Blackbird that appeared quickly from the hedge-line, itself spooked by the osses, you know the loud “KA KA KA”they utter when spooked? well it did this under their noses and both LIGHTNING and the girlfriend jumped sideward then spun around throwing both Julie and Irena off. Its such a long way down and I do take my hat off to you horsey folk for persisting with you love of your bucking bronco’s!


 BARNEY….A buckin Bronco!

Finally I want to comment about a bikers club, to be more precise its a region of the Honda Goldwing Club of Great Britain, namely the Yorkshire Region. Its been in a terrible state for years, it was awful as far as I was concerned, I had joined for 6 months before sacking it, It was badly run by zealots idiots and lyres for such a long time, the majority seemed happy to follow in spite of this, they are that large percentage of dumb followers that ferment most clubs, inept at making decisions of their own, happy to follow whatever is decided for them. I presume there in the vanguard and will be blindly happy still to follow. A band of bikers stepped up to the plate over a couple of months, they took the heat and lies on the chin, stood together and finally ousted the gits at the centre of the cancer  The fishwife is no more..Hoorah!  Roger the other rep has melted away into insignificance, finally Bates of Worksop can hopefully die off in the background. The remaining germs like the Crofts etc with no doubt try to change their spots or better still drive their motor home into a very large lake! I have nothing but admiration for the new breed of Yorkshire wingers, it’s still not my scene but I doff my hat to you guys all the same. Now bring on the National committee!!

I am able to reproduce the above thanks to Mick George, cheers pal I owe you 1 pastie!

The new activists in the Yorkshire region demanded and got their way and have now moved their Sunday meetings from that dark run down hovel near Snaith a dirty pox ridden tax haven for inbred retartds and thieves to….. SQUIRES CAFE  just down the road near Sherburn in Yorkshire  …the home….THE northern premier meeting place for bikers. May the sun shine over you forever! You biker folk out there guys should take a ride over. Check out their website..



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