The dreaded night shift!

Thank the Lord my week on the dark side is just about done, I just have tonight to do………..Yes folks I’m talking about the dreaded night shift. every five months or so I have morph into “SuperBat” I eat my breakfast mid afternoon, “elevensies” around midnight, dinner sometime before dawn and supper about eight in the morning. I sleep whenever the rest of the world stays quiet long enough for me to do so. Lucky for me I don’t have the pitter patter ( crash bang fekkin wallop) of kids around the house, nor do I live next to a a street..up a cul-de-sac or anything normal like that. Julie goes to spend the week with Lightening the oss in the field, naturally they are both in their element! Pooka usually curls up beside me and purrs me to sleep, thus both me and her are in our element too. This goes on for seven days and nights, it’s not pretty but someone has to do it. The plus side to it is I get the following week off because of the hours I have accumulated.

It’s that time of year when folk buy buy buy, the pressure is on to make family and friend happy in spite of the money we have nto got..its got bugger all to do with that bloke with sandals and a beard really these days! This morning I have been for a stroll around my local town of Doncaster today into the indoor shopping centre and saw a lot of folk looking quite happy and lugging a whole lot of prezzies around, so all the depressing news of the crumbling world economy and impending feeling of doom ands gloom seems to have been firmly dumped on the back burner by ordinary citizens.  The round of Christmas work “do’s” are beginning as reported by various friends on FaceBook and the usual funny photo’s..Debbie what ARE you doing bent double in the boozer??

I have a couple of gatherings to attend when I rejoin the world on the right side of midnight so there will be a couple of photos appearing forthwith.

I am doing OK with the new car too, it is really growing on me. I think we will have some fun this winter until its time to get the love of my life back out in Spring. We are going to have to do something about Pooka climbing about the bonnet though, I have an idea or two ……and no it doesnt include murder! I am getting to grips with the first and second gear, I can say with confidence that the THUG and I are begining to see eye to eye!

OK so it’s coming up to your tea-time and my breakfast time so I’m off to devour some porridge before work. I just wanted to drop by to assure you guys I was still alive and kicking…Laters then x


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2 Responses to The dreaded night shift!

  1. Ian (fatha) Jones says:

    HI Dave,
    Good read again and glad I haven’t got to do nights although starting at 5 in the morning is bad enough. Me and M are thinking of going for a ride out in the car on Sunday as due to my knees giving up and the weather finally turning for the worst we are not going to the Wanderers Xmas do., but I have some oil and stuff for Mark, so if you are likely to be in on Sunday M and me will call in to see you and leave Marks stuff, have spoken with Mark and as long as you are OK with that he is. Hope to see you soon.
    Cheers, Fatha.


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